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Computer Time, CO has sold it's CTpvr technologies to a Home Media Entertainment company who's name we cannot disclose at this time. The products affected by the sale are; CTpvr Media Center, CTpvr Client, CT TV Listings and all Listings Data Services. The sale of these products are discontinued effective immediately. We will continue to provide listing data until April 1st, 2008.

Anyone who purchased any of our products on or after September 1st, 2007 will be eligible for a full refund. The refunds will begin in April and will take approximately three weeks to process all eligible users.

All downloads will remain available in order to support existing users who want to continue to use CTpvr Media Center and CTpvr Client. Our forums will also remain open to continue to provide support.


The CTpvr Media Team.

What is CTpvr Media Center?
CTpvr Media Center is personal video recorder software able to record your favorite TV shows on to your PC so you can watch them around your schedule. With the ability to Pause and Rewind Live TV you'll never miss a second of any show you are watching. Spend less Time watching your favorite shows by skipping commercials in a press of a button. You can also play other media allowing you to listen to your music from the comfort of our interface optimized for use with a remote control. Watch DVD's and Video files all from the same easy to use interface. Experience TV as never before by taking back control of your TV viewing Time.
CTpvr  MC Version 2.2 build 015 Posted:  1-21-2008 - 10.1MB
Now with Windows Vista support. Improved channel management and more. Details
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: : :  F E A T U R E S  : : :
Watch, Pause and Record Live TV
Automated Multi TV-Card Recording
Client Server Technology
Themes and Plugins Support
Save Pause Buffer as a Recording
Integrated Electronic TV-Guide
TV-Guide & Manual Scheduling
Favorites( Season Pass ) Scheduling
Keyword Favorite Scheduling
Schedule Conflict Management
Mpeg Quality Profiles for Recordings
Picture Viewer plus Sideshows
Music Playback with Library & Playlists
DVD Playback (requires DVD decoder)
Internet Music and FM Radio
Video Playback Library
Remote Control Support
External Tuner Support ( i.e. IrTuner)

: : : Windows Vista Compatible : : :

CTpvr is the only Windows PVR software with Picture in Picture technology. Check out the screenshot to your right.

Automatic TV hardware detection. Selecting and Setup of hardware is not required. CTpvr will automatically use any compatible TV card in your system.

Setup of the EPG / Channel Lineups is not needed to start viewing TV. Much like a real TV you can just enter the channel number you would like to watch.

CTpvr with Picture In Picture


: : :  Latest News & Downloads  : : :

CTpvr MC v2.2 -  Download - Mirror
Build 015 Posted:  1-21-08 - 10.1MB
Now with Windows Vista support.
With improved xml listings importing and channel management. More Details

: : :  Minimum Requirements  : : :
  Intel, AMD Processor 1.4Ghz or higher.
256MB of Ram 512MB recommended.
20GB Hard drive 80GB+ recommended.
TV tuner card with a hardware encoder    like WinTV PVR-250. See list below.
: : :  Software Requirements  : : :
  Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 2003 Svr
Direct X 8.1, Mdac 2.7, MSXML3
Window Media Player 9 or above
MPEG-2 Decoder
: : :  Hardware Requirements  : : :
  Hauppauge PVR-250/350
Hauppauge PVR-250MCE
Hauppauge PVR-250BTV
Hauppauge PVR-USB2
Hauppauge PVR-150
Hauppauge PVR-500
ATI E-Home Wonder
Aver Media M150 & 1500MCE
ATI Theater 550 Pro
Sapphire Theatrix 550
PowerColor Theater 550 PRO
Provideo PV-258
Generic Conexant "Blackbird"
Creative Labs VBDVCR
HVR 1500MCE/1600 HDTV
Nvidia DualTV
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